Lake Mont Pines Board of Directors

Lake Mont Pines is mutual benefit, non-profit corporation. Our common interest development/community is governed by California Law / CA Corporations Code, Davis-Sterling Legislation the LMP Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R), the Bylaws and our duly adopted Rules of Conduct and Policies.

The Board of Directors meets regularly to make community decisions and manage the Lake, Lodge and the Common Area facilities. Per the Bylaws, an Annual Meeting of the members is held in August or September, typically on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. At this meeting, Directors are elected to the Board.

The Bylaws call for the Board to consist of 9 Directors. Currently the Board is comprised of 6 members. A special thank you to our current Board of Directors for all their efforts on behalf of the community.  Association members are invited to attend Board meetings and become involved with the community.

Meeting Agendas are published on our website 4 days prior to the meeting. Members may also follow our progress by reviewing the approved Meeting Minutes which are also posted on this site. Members may declare themselves as a candidate at our Annual Meeting,  The current Directors may also appoint interested members to serve on the Board until the next Annual Meeting. Candidates for the Board may also be placed on the Annual Meeting ballot and voted into office by the Members at the Annual Meeting.  Members are elected to 3 year terms if there is a Quorum.

Please consider attending our meeting as it is a great experience and volunteers are needed in order to maintain our wonderful community. Members may contact the office for more details and further information.

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Current Board Members

Fred Jacobus

Fred Jacobus Lake Mont Pines BOD

Fred Jacobus and his wife became residents of Lake Mont in 2015. They purchased their “cabin in the mountains” as a gathering place for their three daughters and four grandchildren who live in different areas of the country.  They raised their family camping in the Sierras and could not be happier with the great experience they have found here.

Fred's professional career has been in the food industry. He is currently the Executive Vice president of Operations for Diamond Foods LLC, a culinary and snack nut company located in Stockton.  He is also a registered professional engineer in California.

As a board member, Fred's desire is to contribute to maintaining and improving this great community.

Jerry Marcotte


Jerry and his wife Kathy have been cabin owners since 2010.  They love the mountain air and environment in Arnold.  They choose Lakemont Pines for its lakes and mountains for hiking, kayaking, golfing, swimming, and skiing.  They find Lakemont Pines an escape and outdoor paradise close to their home in Folsom.  With cooler summer temperatures and snow in the wintertime their cabin is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

As a civil and environmental engineer, Jerry retired from Caltrans and the US and California Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA).  His career focused on protecting and cleaning up the environment contaminated from industrial and human activities.  His recent work involved designing drinking water and sewage systems for Caltrans rest areas and other facilities.  He also managed cleanup treatment systems for industrial toxic waste sites that spilled chemicals into the environment for the California EPA.

Jerry says: “My goal as a member of the Board of Directors is to help maintain the quality of mountain life in Lakemont Pines.”

Elis Imboden

Elis Imboden Lake Mont Pines BOD

Elis Imboden is the current board treasurer and has been a LMP member since 2011. She and her teenage son, who has grown up coming to the lake, enjoy relaxing at the beach, hiking in the forest, and reading on the deck. Elis is Director of Finance and Operations for the Department of Art & Art History at Stanford University.  Her background is in non-profit management, and her volunteer experience includes parent leadership at her son’s schools and delivering meals in her home community.

Ken Grimes

Ken Grimes

Ken Grimes has been a member of Lake Mont Pines since 2011. He enjoys biking, skiing and relaxing at the lake. Ken has been at Lockheed Martin since 1998 and currently lives in Pleasanton, California.

Greg Casselberry

Greg Casselberry

Greg Casselberry is retired after 35 years as a forester/forest manager with the U.S. Forest Service.  Over the years, he has served in multiple volunteer positions, including the Lake Mont Pines HOA board of directors.

When not working on Lake Mont projects, you will find him relaxing with family, working on a remodel project, or participating in an outdoor activity.  He lives in Lake Mont Pines full-time with his wife.

Bill Lent

Bill Lent, Lake Mont Pines HOA

Bill has been Lake Mont’s Volunteers in Prevention (VIP) coordinator for the past three years, the VIP inspectors  conduct  the annual fire inspections for Cal Fire in Lake Mont Pines. A home owner since 1999, Bill and his wife Alice became fulltime residents of Lake Mont 4 years ago after retiring and moving from the Bay Area. Bill is still an active trainer for the California Specialized Training Institute and the Industrial Emergency Council and Alice is a local business owner ( Arnold’s Clothing and Boot Co.).

Bill was the statewide training coordinator for the California CUPA Forum for sixteen years and is a certified instructor for the California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI). He has received specialized training in Emergency Response, hazardous waste management, Weapons of Mass Destruction and other specialized areas, has a B.S. in chemistry and has been called on numerous occasions as an expert witness in trials involving environmental law.

Mark Walker

Mark Walker

Mark and his wife have been Lake Mont Pines owners since 2010.  They developed a vacant lot and their home was completed in 2013.  Their family has a deep love for the Lake Mont Pines community and Tanner Lake.  They have made many memories and cherish every moment spent at their home away from home.  Mark lives in Merced, where he is employed as a Fire Captain with the Merced City Fire Department (18 years).  He had always had a strong desire to serve his community.

Mark grew up in the Merced area spending much of his time at a family farm.  Rural living has taught him many skills.  He has worked in construction (plumbing and concrete), at a small engine repair shop, and has recently started his own handyman/tractor service.

Mark is a lifelong student.  He has a BA in Fire Administration from Cogswell Polytechnical College and believes there is no replacement for the lessons life teaches us.

Lake Mont Pines Staff

Bethany Richards - General Manager

Lake Mont Pines Homeowners Association’s General Manager, Bethany Richards, first visited Lake Mont as a two-year-old.  Later, her family moved to Arnold in 1987.  She spent her teen years lifeguarding locally, enjoying the outdoors, and attending Bret Harte High School.

Bethany graduated from California State University, Fresno with a BA in Linguistics and an MA in Linguistics TESOL.  She taught college English and ESL classes in the Fresno area for 16 years. In 2017, her family had the opportunity to move to the country of Lithuania and teach at a university in the city of Klaipeda. They enjoyed traveling, living abroad, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures.

In 2020, after three years in Lithuania, Bethany and family returned the U.S., moving back to Arnold. Bethany’s family consists of her husband Stephen, three kids, and two grandbabies. The youngest, Jocelyn, will be helping with the summer staff.  Bethany says it is wonderful to be back in Arnold, and she is very happy to be a part of the Lake Mont community.

Governing Documents

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