Fire Safety

Lake Mont Pines

Cal Fire VIP Program

On July 1, 1980, Cal Fire formally implemented and supported with redirected funds, an innovative and creative fire prevention program called the Volunteers in Prevention (VIP) Program. A Budget Change Proposal (BCP) redirected nine fire captain specialists and 110.4 fire prevention assistant person-months, restored by Senate Bill 201, to the Cal Fire budget for the permanent initiation of this ground-breaking fire prevention program. Some $270,000 was budgeted to support the program annually.

Today, there are approximately 2500 VIP's statewide, in all 21 Cal Fire units, averaging over 60,000 hours of volunteer service to Cal Fire. In exchange Cal Fire pays meals and mileage for their expenses.

History has shown that when VIP teams provide fire prevention teaching in grades K-3rd, child-related fires in those areas have dropped by 50 percent. In addition, VIPs educate thousands of children and their parents about fire prevention by participating in fairs, displays, and parades each year. Volunteers are trained to make preliminary wildland homeowner property inspections for fire safety as required by Public Resources Code 4291, and to discuss with homeowners ways to make their homes fire safe. These one-on-one contacts are an increasingly important education tool as the population in California's wildlands continues to grow.

VIPs are trained to assist Cal Fire's efforts during wildland fires and other emergencies by providing information to the media and public. A specialized group of volunteers (HAM radio operators and CB radio groups) provide additional communication networks for Cal Fire during emergencies including wildland fires, earthquakes, and floods.

Inspections are done in Lake Mont Pines and Cal Fire sends property owners complimentry notices requesting any necessary cleanup.  If property owners fail to comply, Cal Fire may send further notices with potential fines for non-compliance.  Keeping your property fire safe is a year-round effort.

Firewise certificate

You may contact your insurance company and receive money off your plan by informing them that Lake Mont Pines HOA is part of the Firewise community. You can download the Firewise certificate here: Lake Mont Pines HOA 2023-2024 Certificate


Cheryl Burgin is the Director of the Cal Fire VIP program.  You may contact her at

Please contact Cal Fire at 209-795-1542 or the Lake Mont Pines office at the Lodge if you have any questions.

Forest Debris Clean up / Defensible Space

Use the following resources to comply with fire safety regulations on debris cleanup at your Lake Mont Pines property:

Debris disposal at Red Hill: 209-736-2144

Debris disposal at Rock Creek: 209-754-6403

Debris disposal at Millers on Hwy 4 in Avery: 209-795-4875

Lot cleaning / tree & brush removal: Approved Lot Cleaners

Cal Fire Clearance Requirements for PRC 4291 Compliance

Cal Fire's Ready for Wildfire program to help you be prepared for a local fire emergency.  More information can be found here:  CalFire-ready