Neighborhood watch

Lake Mont Pines sign

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood watch sign

Neighborhood Watch is a neighborhood crime deterrent program offered through the Calaveras County Sheriff and used throughout the nation where neighbors look out for each other. Assisted by the Community Services Assistant (CSA), a short but informative meeting is held. At the meeting such things as when to call 911 are discussed as well as a block captains are decided upon. The block captain becomes the direct contact for the Community Services Assistant. A telephone chain is created to share info and branded signage like the one on this page is displayed in the community.

In Lake Mont Pines we have several Neighborhood Watchers, as we call them With the help of emails and phone calls to the Sheriff we are also able to share information to our LMP "Watchers".

For more information please contact the Lake Mont Pines office at the Lodge.